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Zug, Sebastian; Schulze, Michael; Kaiser, Jörg

Latency Analysis for the Cooperation of Event and Time-Triggered Networks (Konferenzbeitrag)

7th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communcation Systems (WFCS 2008), S. 3-9, Dresden, Germany, 2008, ISSN: 978-1-424-42349-1.

(BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Event-Triggered, Latency, Networks, Time-Triggered)


Kaiser, Jörg; Elmenreich, Willfried; Piontek, Hubert

Interface Design for Real-Time Smart Transducer Networks – Examining COSMIC, LIN and TTP/A as Case Study (Konferenzbeitrag)

15th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems RTN 2007, 2007.

(BibTeX | Schlagwörter: LIN, Middleware, Time-Triggered, TTP)