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Zug, Sebastian; Poltrock, Thomas; Penzlin, Felix; Walter, Christoph; Hochgeschwender, Nico

Analyse und Vergleich von Frameworks für die Implementierung von Robotikanwendungen (Forschungsbericht)

Fakultät für Informatik Magdeburg, (2013-001), 2013, ISSN: 1869-5078.

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Feigenspan, Janet; Schulze, Michael; Papendieck, Maria; Kästner, Christian; Dachselt, Raimund; Köppen, Veit; Frisch, Mathias

Using Background Colors to Support Program Comprehension in Software Product Lines (Konferenzbeitrag)

International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE), Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2011.

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Schulze, Michael; Diederich, Jörg

Reducing time and effort by concurrent firmware update processes on micro-controllers (Forschungsbericht)

Faculty of Computer Science Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, 2010.

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Steup, Christoph; Schulze, Michael; Kaiser, Jörg

Exploiting Template-Metaprogramming for Highly Adaptable Device Drivers a Case Study on CANARY anAVR CAN-Driver (Konferenzbeitrag)

12th Brazilian Workshop on Real-Time and Embedded Systems (WTR), Brazilian Computer Society, Gramado, Brazil, 2010.

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Liebig, Jörg; Apel, Sven; Lengauer, Christian; Kästner, Christian; Schulze, Michael

An Analysis of the Variability in Forty Preprocessor-Based Software Product Lines (Konferenzbeitrag)

Proceedings of the 32nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering – Volume 1, S. 105-114, ACM New York, NY, USA, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010, (Acceptance rate: 14% (52 / 380)).

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Schulze, Michael; Lukas, Georg

MLCCA – Multi-Level Composability Check Architecture for Dependable Communication over Heterogeneous Networks (Konferenzbeitrag)

In Procedings of 14th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, IEEE, Mallorca, Spain, 2009.

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Kaiser, Jörg; Becker, Leandro Buss; Zug, Sebastian; Schulze, Michael

Supporting independent development, deployment and co-operation of autonomous objects in distributed control systems (Konferenzbeitrag)

9th International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems (ISADS 2009), 2009, ISSN: 9781424443277.

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Schulze, Michael; Zug, Sebastian

Exploiting the FAMOUSO Middleware in Multi-Robot Application Development with Matlab/Simulink (Konferenzbeitrag)

ACM/IFIP/USENIX, 9th Int. Middleware Conference (Middleware’08), S. 74-77, Leuven, Belgien, 2008.

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Schulze, Michael; Zug, Sebastian

A Middleware based Framework for Multi-Robot Application Development (Konferenzbeitrag)

3rd IEEE European Conference on Smart Sensing and Context (EuroSSC’08), S. 37-39, Zürich, Schweiz, 2008.

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Kaiser, Jörg; Piontek, Hubert

Codes: Supporting the developmentprocess in a publish/subscribe system (Konferenzbeitrag)

Fourth IEEE Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems (WISES 2006), Catania, Italy, 2006.

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