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Details von Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Time Synchronization Algorithm on Embedded Devices
Wireless sensor networks are closely related to the famous ”Internet of Things”, which
promises a seamlessly digitalized world. Besides communication the nodes of these net-
works need temporal and spatial relations to fulfil their task, since a sensor’s value is only
useful in the context of time and space. Therefore these two values need to be provided
within each node to enable processing and aquisition of data.
Even though the current and time and geospatial coordinates may be inferred through a
GPS receiver, this approach is not generally valid. As an example a building may occlude
the direct line of sight to the satellites disabling the GPS. Additionally, embedded devices
need to be very limited in their power usage, which poses problems with current GPS
Another approach is the synchronization of the nodes using an internal synchronization
algorithm without an external reference. This mechanisms needs to additional hardware
and may even be piggybacked onto existing communication packets. This approach provi-
des a lowe energy global time within the network enabling direct processing, comparision
and ordering of aquired sensor data.
Therefore, this team project shall implement a distributed time synchronization algo-
rithm on a wireless sensor network composed of embedded nodes.
Christoph Steup
David Bodnar, …
in Arbeit
verteidigt am
17. Juni 2020