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Tino Brade Jörg Kaiser, Sebastian Zug

Expressing validity estimates in smart sensor applications (Conference)

ARCS 2013 – 26th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems 2013, VDE VERLAG GmbH, 2013.

(Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Reliability, Sensor Systems, Smart Sensors, Validity)


Zug, Sebastian; Schulze, Michael; Dietrich, André; Kaiser, Jörg

Reliable Fault-Tolerant Sensors for Distributed Systems (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the Fourth {ACM} International Conference on Distributed {Event-Based} Systems (DEBS ’10), pp. 105-106, ACM Press New York, NY, USA, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2010, ISSN: 978-1-60558-927-5.

(Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Distributed Systems, Fault-Tolerance, Reliability)